Monday, March 5, 2018

Who am I? (#SOL2018 day 4--late again)

Idea taken from a fellow Slicer and modified for me today

Love it...

Spending time doing absolutely nothing or absolutely everything with my husband

The smell of the mountains in the summer

The sight of our dog and cat learning that the other is not the enemy

Watching the excitement of my students as they read and write something they truly enjoy

Loathe it...

Weather that delays Amazon shipments of new books for me and for my classroom

Not having enough coffee to make it through the day

Figuring out what to have for meals when nothing sounds good

The sound of whining from anyone who isn't trying


  1. Definitely with you on the loathing list. I am running out of dinner ideas and ambition. Also I need more coffee today or at least to warm up what I have. Using others ideas is such a great way to try out blog posts. I am envious of writers who have a month long theme such as teacher truths or a serial story. I'm not organized enough for that.

  2. I get lost on Pinterest, when I can't figure out what to make for dinner, looking for the perfect dishes. It's like going down a rabbit hole.

    Have you tried the Smitten Kitchen blog?

  3. Great idea for a slice. Your last loathe - I feel you!!! I always tell my students, I'm okay if you don't get an A or B, but I'm not okay with you not trying.