Sunday, March 25, 2018

Anticipation #SOL18 March 25

Since February of last year, my husband and I have been waiting for this coming weekend. We have a beach house rented in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for his siblings, their spouses, one of his cousins and her husband, and both of our moms. For the last month, I have been counting down the days. This week, I will be counting down the hours until we leave for the airport and then the hours until we see two very good friends of mine. I will also be counting the hours until we are at the beach house. The anticipation has given me hope through the cold, snowy winter. Now, as I look at the weather reports, though, I am not as pumped. It is supposed to rain and be dreary most of the time we are there. My eagerness to get to the beach is not as high as it once was. Don't get me wrong; I am still excited to go and be on the East Coast but I doubt I will spend much time reading in the sand.

At mass this morning, we celebrated Palm Sunday. This is Holy Week, a time to reflect and prepare for Easter. As we gathered to receive the palm branches in our parish hall, everyone was smiling and talking. I imagined that was how Jerusalem was over 2,000 years ago. Everyone was excited to be in town for Passover. Then, they saw Jesus entering on a donkey and they went crazy! I envision happy tears, maybe some cheering, and joy-filled people everywhere. They were anticipating great things. Yet, as the week progressed, that exuberance dramatically changed. On Thursday, Jesus washed his disciples' feet and held the Last Supper. Later that night, he prayed so hard that he cried tears of blood and then was arrested. On Friday, it seemed as though everyone had turned on Him. I can't even begin to imagine how Jesus was feeling. He knew it was coming. He knew his friends would leave him. The anticipation of what was coming was, well, overwhelming. He was beaten and humiliated. Yet, He stayed strong and followed God's will. After he died, he was placed in a tomb and his followers were devastated. They didn't know what was coming. Today, we anticipate Easter and are excited to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. 

Anticipation ebbs and flows. This week, my anticipation will grow as the minutes tick by. I cannot wait to spend time with friends and family! I also cannot wait to celebrate Easter. 


  1. I love Easter too. I'm thankful for some of the things you've brought out to contemplate.

  2. The feeling of
    Anticipation is palpable here- through your own story of waiting for vacation and the story of Easter.

  3. Here’s hoping the forecast is like many in the East recently and the storm blows off into the ocean. Sounds like a wonderful trip.