Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Next Career #SOL18 March 20

Happy first day of Spring! My favorite season has arrived and I cannot wait for green grass and flowers and rain. The soothing sounds of birds in the trees makes me smile.

Today, I was also reminded that it seems as though some jobs don't have the same mandates teaching does. Teachers have to get their students to learn and pass tests. We are held accountable if that doesn't happen. Some teachers even get bonuses for high test scores while some can be fired for low ones. Not all jobs have that stress though. Meteorologists, in my opinion, do not. Why do I say that? Well, recess duty today explains it all!

Last night and this morning, I checked and double checked the weather report. I had to know what to wear, if I needed boots/shoes/sandals, which coat to wear, and if I had to find my gloves/hat/scarf. According the my weather app, it would be chilly but there was ZERO PERCENT chance of precipitation. I decided on pants with shoes; I also packed my gloves and put on my winter coat. I triple checked after I got dressed. Still no chance of precipitation. I smiled and then looked outside. SNOW! On the ground! I went to start my car so it would be warm on my drive to school-a whole block away! Before going to recess duty at 8:25, I checked the weather app and it said it was mostly cloudy and 30 degrees. I grabbed my gloves just in case along with my sunglasses and went to duty. IT WAS SNOWING! Like full on, pouring down snow. I pulled my hood up and shoved my hands into my gloves as I went into the white wasteland of our playground. Students were as shocked as me! Especially as we looked up and saw bright blue sky! There were dark clouds north and east of us; the snow was falling at an angle from the north and west. We decided a wind was carrying it from the northern clouds. I checked my app again only to read that it was mostly cloudy and still a ZERO PERCENT chance of snow. In about ten minutes, the snow ended and we just enjoyed the white covered icy blacktop for a couple more minutes before starting our day of learning.

Maybe I should teach more about the weather. Or just become a meteorologist for my next career! Less stress, even if you are completely wrong in your forecast!

There is snow falling in this picture but my camera didn't catch the flakes.

Fun making pictures in the snow. Can you see the person students stamped out in the bottom one?


  1. It seems the meteorologists are having a hard time keeping up this year!

  2. We got snow on the first day of spring too. Hopefully, it will be our last! Wouldn't it be nice to have a job where you could make terrible mistakes on a regular basis and nothing happens! :)