Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Proud Teacher (#SOL18 March 21)

Some days as a teacher I get so frustrated and can't see the forest for the trees. Today, however, was not one of those days. Today was one of those, "HOLY CRAP! MY KIDS ARE EVEN MORE AMAZING THAN I EVER DREAMED!"

Let me set the scene: one of my students was diagnosed with a genetic disease that is already impacting her life. She is an amazing young lady from a strong family. I've known her and her family for eight years when I taught her oldest brother. This disease is not one I would wish upon anyone and I am sad and scared for her. I prayed long and hard that the diagnosis would be different, but for whatever reason, it wasn't. I have had several months to work through my thoughts, feelings, fears, etc. but my students have not. We had a class meeting when she was first diagnosed, but it didn't seem to stick.

Today, our school counselor came into our class and spoke with my students about what is happening with their classmate. Our counselor and my student had worked on this presentation for several weeks and my student was present for it. She helped explain things that will happen to her and let her friends know that she is still a kid and still the same person. I was so proud of her! Students asked questions and she and our counselor answered them. It was so powerful! Then, a student asked if our student council could do something in May to help raise awareness for her disease as well as to raise money to help find a cure. My teacher heart was full!

Later in the afternoon, one of the teachers in charge of our student council was in the hall. I grabbed my two student council reps and had them talk with her about what they wanted to do. Not only did they suggest having our annual Glo-Run support their classmate's disease and raise awareness, but they also asked about taking a field trip to plant flowers in a community area to show support for her and others fighting this disease. They also want to include our classmate and her mom when they plan the flowers. My teacher heart exploded!


  1. Our days and experience can be rewarding beyond imagination. The other students will remember these moments, the empathy they were able to show and the feeling that gave them. Your Impacted student will be supported by that warmth.

  2. This is beautiful. There is nothing sweeter than when kids rise to the occasion.