Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Cat Life (a day late for #SOL2018 day 3)

The other day as I was at home trying to heal from a virus and sinus infection, I attempted to sleep on my couch. My cat was just coming up the stairs. Eyes wide and tail bushed. He looked in a panic. He flew by me and jumped to his window seat where he promptly began meowing loudly and pawing at the window. He stopped suddenly and raced back downstairs. I could hear him meowing down there as well. As I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest, I did not investigate. However, when he jumped on my head awhile later, I did poke my head up far enough to see outside. He was watching a bird who was hanging out in our backyard. Apparently, I was a scary sight because the bird took off and my cat calmed down. I hunkered down into my blankets again and fell asleep. Some time later, I could feel something on my chest. The cat. He was kneading the blanket and it did not feel good as I coughed and hacked up a lung. He jumped down and I slept again. When I awoke and got up, I almost tripped on the cat who was sleeping in the sunshine on the floor. He was not happy I had stepped on his tail. I was not happy that he had such a fabulous life.

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