Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Table #SOL18 March 13

Stagger to room with backpack, 2 water bottles, coffee cup, and lunchbox
Manage to find keys while balancing said items
Lights brighten room
Table is cluttered 
Manage to find a spot for coffee.
Drop the rest on the floor.
Clean off table

Grade math papers and enter into grade book.
Look for lesson plan book that I just had!
Realize I need the papers for word study.
Organize for the day by cleaning desk again

Students enter.
Nurse forms, registration forms, notes go onto my desk.
Take attendance
Escort students to specials
Return to room
Clean off table again

Math lesson
Meet with students
Can't find my pencil
Need to clean my table

Lunch time!
Where is my water?
Phone rings
I need those forms
Look at my table
Clean it again

Literacy begins
Time to confer
Where is my table?
Forget the computer; sticky notes will work
Library time for students
Clean my table?
Nope. Not again.


  1. Ha! The eternal challenge of the table. Time and time again.

  2. I have a table in my office that is a dumping group throughout the day. It was the same in my classroom. School days are busy.

  3. So relate the the constant table cleaning. Then I have this crazy inbox that’s always full to o.

  4. Math teacher and her table.

    Cluttered table is a sign of an intelligent mind and a busy educator. Check on both.

    Keep sharing your cool slices.