Monday, March 26, 2018

Snow Day! #SOL18 March 26

Since last Thursday the weather forecast for my town has been that a winter storm was going to hit Sunday night. They were predicting five to eight inches of snow. Knowing that we haven't had an accurate snow forecast in a LONG time, I tried not to get my hopes up. I really wanted a snow day, but I didn't plan on it.

Yesterday morning, it was snowing as we drove to mass but when we left there was nothing. All day it was chilly but no indication of any snow. Even when I went to bed, there was barely any snow falling.

At 5:00 this morning, my alarm went off. I turned my ringer on in hopes of the call saying we would have no school. It didn't ring. At 5:30, I crawled out of bed and into the shower. At 5:40, the phone rang to announce we didn't have school! I jumped from the shower yelling to my husband. Poor guy, he had to work. I did not! I sipped my coffee. I put on shoes and a coat and headed outside. I tramped through the snow with my camera. I took pictures and smiled in the silence surrounding me. I made cinnamon vanilla pancakes. I watched The Blind Spot. My phone rang again. My husband was being sent home. We cleaned. We did dishes. We worked on laundry. We opened our date box from UnboxLove and created a crossword of our favorite vacations. We enjoyed our time off together.

Today was just what I needed. Time alone. Time with my love. Time.


  1. I'm in South Dakota, and snow days are very rare here too. Love your photos.

  2. I too love a good snow day. There's something about a day where you are able to catch up, relax, read, bake, or be with your loved ones that is so cozy. We've had 5 in Massachusetts this school year! Glad you were able to enjoy it.

  3. Snow days are like a little present. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed your day. This may be our first week without impact from snow in about 6 weeks!