Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Important Thing

Today, I read The Important Book to my class. We have 4 days left and I needed their help. On Monday, I meet my new students whom I will have for two years. I want my new students to get to know me, so I challenged my current kids to use this book as a mentor text and write a piece about me. I thought they would be funny and light hearted. Some of them are but several made me cry. The first one I read was by “the kid” whom everyone warned me about. He’s the bad one! He doesn’t respond to anyone. Well, his writing made me bawl. I had to step out of the room to get myself under control. Tonight, I decided to write one for them. I’ll going to print it with a class picture to give each of them next week. I want to share it here too. (If you are a parent of one of my kids, please don’t share this with them.) Tomorrow I will post pictures of their writings.

The important thing about my kids is that they inspire me.
They fight learning but do it anyway.
They tease in good nature.
They make me laugh and smile and cry every day.
They are readers and writers and mathematicians and historians and scientists and thinkers.
They care about each other, even though sometimes they may not show it.
They argue and forgive.
They push the limits.
They work hard.
They ask questions and expect answers.
They don’t give up.
They are open and honest despite their circumstances.
They support each other and fight for what’s right.
They challenge me and make me a better teacher.
They love.
They laugh.
They accept and trust.
They hug.
They cry.
They are real.
But the important thing about my kids is that they inspire me.

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