Monday, July 10, 2017

Teachers Write Day 1: Writing from A Different Point of View

I was totally going to cheat and just use a writing I did in Wheatland about a character in a diner. However, the whole point of doing this is to push myself and try new things while actually writing every day. Typing up the old story doesn't count as writing in my brain, so here goes a different quick story.

Outside time is my favorite time, except for nap time, play time, belly time, chase time, stick chewing time, and food time. Oh and find socks time. Really though it's outside time. That is where I am right now. Sitting in the grass. Minding my own business. What is that? Water! My pool! Nope not my pool. It's hitting my head. Rain! Nope, not rain. I look around. Mom walks out from under the porch and stares past me. Surely she sees me. I run over and jump up on her. She walks by as she pats my head. She must want to play chase. I grab a ball and race past her. She is focused on something else. I run by again holding the ball in my mouth. Mom is watching a yellow and white thing in my yard. It is noisy and it moves! I start to attack it when Mom grabs the ball from my mouth and throws it. Chase time! I charge after it, scoop it up and dash back to her. She reaches for the ball just as I dart out of her grasp. She comes after me. Told ya! Chase time! I scurry out of her way and look back. She didn't make it very far. Instead she is waiting for me. I walk up nudge her hand with the ball and give it to her because I am nice. She wants to play again! She tosses the ball towards the yellow and white thing. I go after it when I feel something hit me. Water! That thing shoots water out! It's my favorite time! Water time!

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