Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Life in Panic

People close to me know that I struggle with anxiety. Sometimes it is a daily obstacle. Right now, I am doing well, but I never know when a panic attack will strike. I know some of my triggers, but not all of them. I know I am not alone in this struggle. I also know many people don't understand what attacks are like. The poem I wrote for Wyoming Writing Project gives a small glimpse into what I go through frequently. I hope it helps someone somehow.

Life in Panic
By Wendy Chaulk

Typical day
Laughing and living
No change in routine

But then
Arms twitch
Muscles tighten
Feet twitch
Heart pounds out of my chest
Body on fire
Tears threaten

Hide it.
Fake smile
Forced conversations
Until I can escape

When I do
P u l l
Stare into space
Jump in the shower



Spin, spin, spin to release

Five minutes, five hours
I never can tell
How long it will take
To get back to my

Typical day

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