Thursday, August 14, 2014

Still working on it

I know that most teachers spend a ton of time getting classrooms ready for students.  I'm one of them. I spend hours and hours of arranging and rearranging furniture and wall "stuff."  I write letters to students. I make name tags, mailbox labels, hall displays, and door displays. I update my class library app so all of the new books I buy are in and ready for students to check out on the first day of school.  I meet with my teaching partners and bounce ideas off of them. I hang the calendar and make the class calendar. I go through bins and reorganize them, hopefully throwing out some things but in reality, not much goes away. I LOVE spending this time preparing for my class. I think about (and pray for) each of my students and the interactions we will have in the upcoming year. I know that isn't PC, but I do it because I know it helps me prepare even more for the time with them. It is a wonderful and yet stressful time because we don't have much time to do it.

This year, we weren't allowed in our building until last Thursday.  Today we got keys to our rooms and building. (We've had lots happening at our building so we weren't allowed in.)  I've been there for 3 days at about 4 hours a pop and was there today for 5 hours. My room is STILL trashed but it's coming along.  Below are some pictures of some of my room.  They aren't the best, but at least it's something. I'll add more as I get more done and I will add descriptions tomorrow.  I have 5 days left, including the weekend, to work before I start getting paid for being there.  I will get done; it always does.
Calendar Math Wall-not done. There is room for students to sit on the floor, on crates, etc while calendar math is taught. My homework board is here too. I also have a small table for small groups.
My Clay Matthews Wall-Reading lessons and class meetings will take place here
My door display (Chaulk's All-Stars), white board, and I can picture frames for daily objectives.
Messy bookcase. Indian Paintbrush nominees on top. Pink drawers will hold paper of different kinds. I LOVE my clock!
Reading area--the little nook will be for the class president to use for that week. There are pillows coming to making it more comfy.  My library is organized by genre, except picture books which are just there for now.
Another section of my library
More of my library, Bronco lights, social studies wall, and inspiring quotes.  I am going to use quotes as writing prompts and have my students find great quotes.  I will be using the new RJ Palacio book of precepts to help with this.
My new curtains and my teddy bear I've had since I was a baby. The jersey was a gift from a student.

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