Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wow!  I am actually doing this!  I am starting a blog!  I hope I can do this!

This summer, I needed to refresh.  The school year wiped me out.  I broke my foot, sprained my ankle, had sinus surgery and a bad reaction to it, got married, and went on my honeymoon. I was beat by the time my students left on June 2nd. I love my class and I am grateful I will have them again this fall.  But, I needed to regroup and regain myself.  Anyone else know what I mean?

I have spent time this summer doing just that.  I work at a summer social skills program for for students with autism for 4 weeks. It helps me get perspective. I went camping, alone, in the mountains, in a tent, away from a campground.  It gave me peace and rejuvenation and allowed me to spend time talking with God. I am working on my writing through Teachers Write. It is helping me understand how my students feel when writing. I have spent a great deal of time reading and listening to books. It has reminded me that I need to take time every day to read, just like I tell my students. I've tried to get more familiar with Twitter; I'm doing better but still struggling. Most importantly, I have spent time with my husband who helps me love more and laugh daily.

I plan to use this blog to get out my thoughts and feelings about teaching.  I may include some funny stories about my class (names changed of course). I will definitely be telling about the books I am reading and listening to books...mostly children and young adult books.

I hope you will find some things that will help you, inspire you, and most importantly entertain you!

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